The Top 100 WordPress Plugins For Your Site

The Top 100 WordPress Plugins For Your Site

It looks like a little face…

If you are a regular WPMU reader, you will have no doubt seen the WPMU 100 that we released last month. With the post proving to be so popular, we thought that you might be in the mood for more of the same. So what we have for you today is a resource that will be useful for any WordPress user – from beginner to advanced.

Few of us have the time (or the inclination) to trawl through the WordPress Plugins Directory to find the best plugins. More often than not we discover plugins when they are featured on a site (such as WPMU), or recommended by a friend or colleague.

That being the case, you are probably missing out on at least a few quality plugins that you didn’t even know existed. And let’s be honest – the WordPress Plugins Directory is not particularly user-friendly in the way in which it presents popular and highest rated plugins. So we figured that we would do all the hard work for you.

Which brings us to this – The Top 100 WordPress Plugins. We have extracted all available data from the WordPress Plugin Directory and sorted it to bring you a list of the top 100 plugins for your WordPress site. These plugins have all been updated within the last 12 months, and are listed as being compatible with WordPress v3.0 and up (most of them are compatible with v3.3.x). Enjoy!

# Plugin Name Author Last Updated
1 Google XML Sitemaps Arne Brachhold 19/09/2011
2 W3 Total Cache Frederick Townes 26/08/2011
3 NextGEN Gallery Alex Rabe 26/02/2012
4 Contact Form 7 Takayuki Miyoshi 22/02/2012
5 WordPress SEO by Yoast Joost de Valk 25/01/2012
6 WP Super Cache Donncha O Caoimh 30/01/2012
7 All in One SEO Pack Michael Torbert 10/12/2011
8 Fast Secure Contact Form Mike Challis 25/02/2012
9 Sociable Blogplay 16/02/2012
10 Google Analytics for WordPress Joost de Valk 12/10/2011
11 Share Buttons by Lockerz / AddToAny Lockerz 18/02/2012
12 Stats Automattic 15/09/2011
13 Akismet Automattic 11/01/2012
14 GRAND FlAGallery – Best Photo Gallery Rattus 23/02/2012
15 Add Link to Facebook Marcel Bokhorst 29/02/2012
16 WP e-Commerce Instinct Entertainment 25/01/2012
17 qTranslate Qian Qin 10/01/2012
18 WP-PageNavi Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan & scribu 11/02/2012
19 WPtouch BraveNewCode Inc 23/01/2012
20 TinyMCE Advanced Andrew Ozz 19/02/2012
21 Simple Tags Amaury BALMER 15/08/2011
22 Booking Calendar wpdevelop 17/07/2011
23 Redirection John Godley 04/10/2011
24 Widget Logic Alan Trewartha 28/12/2011
25 WP-Polls Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan 06/02/2012
26 Yet Another Related Posts Plugin mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine) 19/12/2011
27 BuddyPress The BuddyPress Community 10/01/2012
28 SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Mike Challis 13/12/2011
29 Broken Link Checker Janis Elsts 11/12/2011
30 WP-Table Reloaded Tobias Bäthge 05/01/2012
31 Jetpack by Automattic 05/12/2011
32 Share and Follow Andy Killen 21/02/2012
33 Google Analyticator Ronald Heft 09/07/2011
34 Smart YouTube PRO Vladimir Prelovac 30/01/2012
35 WP Security Scan WebsiteDefender 19/12/2011
36 MapPress Easy Google Maps Chris Richardson 23/08/2011
37 WordPress Download Monitor Mike Jolley 06/09/2011
38 Custom Contact Forms Taylor Lovett 16/01/2012
39 GD Star Rating Milan Petrovic 26/12/2011
40 Visitor Maps and Who’s Online Mike Challis 22/02/2012
41 Page Links To Mark Jaquith 05/01/2012
42 Theme My Login Jeff Farthing 28/06/2011
43 Custom Field Template Hiroaki Miyashita 17/11/2011
44 WP-PostRatings Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan 04/02/2012
45 Viper’s Video Quicktags Viper007Bond 10/12/2011
46 Exclude Pages Simon Wheatley 04/12/2011
47 WP Greet Box Thaya Kareeson 04/09/2011
48 Advanced Custom Fields Elliot Condon 12/02/2012
49 Subscribe To Comments Reloaded cam 31/08/2011
50 Events Manager Marcus Sykes 22/02/2012
51 WP-DBManager Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan 20/08/2011
52 Events Calendar Luke Howell 07/09/2011
53 WordPress Popular Posts Héctor Cabrera 05/12/2011
54 Search Everything Dan Cameron of Sprout Venture 17/02/2012
55 eShop Rich Pedley 25/02/2012
56 WP-Syntax Steven A. Zahm 24/07/2011
57 ShareThis ShareThis, Manu Mukerji 24/08/2011
58 The Events Calendar Modern Tribe, Inc. 23/02/2012
59 BackWPup Daniel Hüsken 26/02/2012
60 Regenerate Thumbnails Viper007Bond 17/11/2011
61 Video Playlist & Gallery Plugin Cincopa 27/02/2012
62 AddThis The AddThis Team 01/02/2012
63 Sidebar Login Mike Jolley 22/12/2011
64 Members Justin Tadlock 13/06/2011
65 FancyBox for WordPress José Pardilla 18/12/2011
66 FeedWordPress Charles Johnson 19/10/2011
67 WassUp Michele Marcucci, Helene Duncker 05/09/2011
68 All-in-One Event Calendar The Seed Studio 15/02/2012
69 Twitter Widget Pro Aaron D. Campbell 23/12/2011
70 Subscribe2 Matthew Robinson 01/02/2012
71 Portfolio Slideshow Dalton Rooney 30/11/2011
72 Efficient Related Posts Aaron D. Campbell 03/03/2011
73 Adminimize Frank Bültge 10/02/2012
74 WP Mail SMTP Callum Macdonald 10/07/2011
75 Simple Facebook Connect Otto 19/02/2012
76 WordPress Importer wordpressdotorg 13/02/2012
77 Ajax Event Calendar Eran Miller 11/10/2011
78 Front-end Editor scribu 25/01/2012
79 Codestyling Localization Heiko Rabe 13/11/2011
80 Lightbox Plus Dan Zappone 01/01/2012
81 More Fields Henrik Melin, Kal Ström 02/09/2011
82 WP to Twitter Joseph Dolson 20/02/2012
83 Breadcrumb NavXT John Havlik 17/02/2012
84 podPress Dan Kuykendall (Seek3r) 01/02/2012
85 User Access Manager Alexander Schneider 11/10/2011
86 WordPress MU Domain Mapping Donncha O Caoimh 19/07/2011
87 List category posts Fernando Briano 06/02/2012
88 MailPress Andre Renaut 13/01/2012
89 Secure WordPress WebsiteDefender 19/12/2011
90 oQey Gallery 16/01/2012
91 WP SlimStat Camu 22/02/2012
92 SyntaxHighlighter Evolved Viper007Bond 17/11/2011
93 WP No Category Base iDope 24/06/2011
94 s2Member® Framework s2Member® / WebSharks, Inc. 19/02/2012
95 SEO Ultimate SEO Design Solutions 31/12/2011
96 Contact Form 7 to Database Extension Michael Simpson 21/12/2011
97 CMS Tree Page View Pär Thernström 14/10/2011
98 Quick Cache / WebSharks, Inc. 04/12/2011
99 Relevanssi – A Better Search Mikko Saari 11/02/2012
100 WP-Stats-Dashboard Dave Ligthart 23/02/2012

Creative Commons photo courtesy of [F]oxymoron

Author: Tom Ewer

Tom is the founder of Leaving Work Behind , a blog for anyone interested in online business and/or self-employment. Get in touch via Twitter or check out his Facebook page .

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22 Responses to The Top 100 WordPress Plugins For Your Site

  1. Great list. You have a few event calendars on there, but no mention of event registration plugins like Event Espresso .Seth Shoultes March 1, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    • It’s a good thing you mentioned it here then 😉
  2. 4
    Outstanding, Tom. This list is a keeper – thanks for the effort!

  3. Where is Magic Fields?WPMU should create a competing cms pluggin, I can’t for the life of me figure out why it hasn’t been done… (let me know if it has 😉

    Magic Fields changed my web design / development life…

    Scott Kasprick March 1, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    • Hey Scott,Magic Fields didn’t have enough ratings to make the list…thanks for mentioning it though. Who knows what the WPMU DEV team are cooking up at the moment – I know that they are working on some huge projects…


  4. 7
    Love this list! I would add: Black Studio TinyMCE Widget by Black Studio and Duplicate Post by Enrico Battocchi

    • I agree Paula – I use Duplicate Post on almost every site I create. Plus, my clients love it!Anonymous March 1, 2012 at 3:10 pm

      • Thanks for the votes guys! The more plugins the merrier – although I had to stop at 100 for fear of losing my sanity!
  5. 10
    Blech! These are just downloaded a lot, I don’t consider that “the top”. That means the features are in demand, whether the plugins work reliably or not (the fact that wp e-commerce is in the list is proof of that). Subscribe2 doesn’t include an opt-out link in the emails, basically making it’s use a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act.

    • Hello Valerie,I hate to break to you, but generally speaking, the most downloaded plugins are the top ones. It’s a market economy – for the most part, the best rise to the top. You can point out exceptions, but I think that this list is highly useful to a lot of people.

      Since you don’t like the list, perhaps it might be constructive of you to suggest some plugins that you think should be on it? That would certainly help people 🙂


  6. 12
    I would definitely add WP Members of Chad Butler. Not only it is a great free membership plugin, but also well supported.

  7. Thanks for the list! I see a lot of plugins I’m using right now and which are on my own “hit list” of WordPress Plugins. I do not agree with the rankings (is this based one the number of downloads?) For example “Relevanssi”, a much better search function for WordPress ranks on #99 while the “Addthis” plugin ranks on #62. From the functionality and complexity are these plugins from two different worlds.
    A second example is the number #1 a great sitemap plugin. While the sitemap included in WordPress SEO by Yoast is more advanced, is Yoast’s SEO plugin “only” on rank #5.

    Maybe the author of this list doesn’t tried all all of them? 😉

    • That’s a good list Olaf – I’ll let you off the blatant plug ;-)The list was filtered by age and compatibility, then sorted by downloads, with some manual removals based upon ratings.

      It is impossible to put together a list of 100 of anything without people picking fault; I like to look at the bigger picture 🙂

      • Hi Tom, thanks for keeping my link 😉
        Yes you’re right there always a better list, but like your latest list of WordPress related site, there is always more.
        Do you have an idea why WooCommerce is missing? The plugin is listed on, has 79K of downloads and recent updates.
        Is this a kind of conflict between Woo and WPMU? (just guessing)

        • No – at a glance it would most likely be the number of ratings (only 105).
  8. 17
    Your work to compile this list is greatly appreciated…I know how much time and resources are needed to complete a project like this…looking forward to following your Blog in the future…Best regards

    Jack Barrett

  9. 18
    What the other folks are saying about the headline being misleading is spot on. The most downloaded is not the same thing as the best. In many cases the ones with the most downloads are merely the ones that have been around the longest, and have thus collected more downloads that others.This is just a lazy collection link bait post. No helpful information at all.

    • 19
      Maybe Solomon can suggest his top list of plugins?

      • “Lazy” posts don’t typically take a few hours to put together :-)Rather than just stating how terrible the list is, perhaps you could suggest an alternative (better, in your opinion) means of compiling 100 top WordPress plugins? But then again, I have a feeling you might not have been here to offer constructive criticism…

        And like John said, if you had any suggestions as to what plugins should have featured in the top 100 that didn’t, it would be most appreciated.

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