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Microsoft now lets Windows Phone developers swap ad networks

Above: If first ad network doesn’t have ads, go to the second…

Image Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is today announcing an “ad mediation” solution to give Windows Phone developers a better chance of filling ad inventory in their apps.

By adding the code, developers can manage several in-app ad software development kits — and therefore several different ad networks. This solution calls a second or third ad network if the first designated one can’t fill the spot. In-app ads account for about a third of all revenue for app develpers.

The software giant said this solution can increase ad revenue anywhere from 15 percent to 200 percent because developers have a higher chance of filling their in-app inventory and because different ad networks can be used for different target markets.

The ad mediation can deliver a fill rate of more than 95 perecent, Microsoft said, but results will depend on the mix of networks, the markets, and how ad displays are timed.

At launch, ad partners for this ad mediation are Microsoft Advertising (of course), AdDuplex, Inneractive, and Smaato, but SDKs from other ad networks can also be used.

To help incentivize adoption by developers beyond the appeal of more cash, Microsoft is also offering points that can be redeemed for rewards through the DVLUP loyalty program , which originally had been set up by Nokia to encourage developers.

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